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31 January 1981
Hmmmm where to start...The Basics:

I'm 29, married to the best woman on Earth, and am doing my time for Uncle Sam in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs.

My home, though, is the beautiful town of Durango, Colorado. I can't wait to make it back there. :)

Other random things you should probably know about me:

1) I am a Furry (and a Fursuiter)...deal :). Seriously though...don't judge the furry fandom by what you read on Wikipedia. Ask a furry before you make snap decisions or try to pass hate on me for being a furry. The more educated you are about the fandom before asking me questions, the more likely you are to receive a better answer to your question.
2) US Army stationed in Colorado.
3) I try not to talk much military stuff on my journal...OPSEC, so don't ask.
4) My journal is mostly my complaints and observations, but once in a while, something good will seep in. :)

Other places to find me:

Second Life: Spike McDowwll - often hanging out (and sometimes working *gasp!*) at Rocket City FurMeet...greatest bunch of furs there is :)
Neopets: anisama
VZones - NewHorizone: Spikester
XBox Live: MysticAltrus
MySpace: mysticspike
Gaia: AniSama

I think that's about it...I'll put more here someday...

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