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Eurofurence is Over...let the PCD Begin!

Well, this past few days have been some of the most memorable and awesome days ever and I will never forget them.... Without further ado, I present my Trip Report for Eurofurence 14.

Pictures are located here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/11735786@N08/sets/72157607034271582/

Tuesday 8/26

We planned on waking up around 4am so we could get on the road early. However, we didn't leave the house till around 6am. Traffic was okay in Italy but a breeze in Austria and Germany. We got to Suhl in 10 hours and 20 minutes. You would think I would be tired from driving all the way on about 3 1/2 hours of sleep, but I was amped. Sent text messages to all of the people I wanted to give my room number to and unpacked. By then it was around 7pm and I just couldn't put off suiting up any longer. I went around and greeted all the other early arrivals as well as met up with fawksbeaumont, who was easily recognizable with his Jager and Red Bull.

Wednesday 8/27

Woke up around 10am and had the first of many of the delicious bacon and egg sammiches from the bar for brunch. Only thing on the schedule today was opening ceremonies and the barbecue, so I spent the day meeting up with more furries and suiting more, getting my picture taken too many times, but people were loving Altrus. I found lokosicek around 15.00 and convinced him to go suiting with me for some fun outdoors. Went to opening ceremony and had some great BBQ. That night, decided to sample some of the fine German beer and ended up having a couple with Loko, Pepsi, Jibba, and 2 The Ranting Gryphon, who was drinking about the darkest beer I've ever seen. Didn't get to bed till around 3 or 4 am and that was only because I staggered into the room :P

Thursday 8/28

Got up at 10am again and headed downstairs to check on any e-mails and SL. Sarah went to an RL version of an online game she plays while I stayed in the lobby. Saw the suiters start coming out around Noonish, so went and joined them for pictures and videos. I signed up for my turn with the Fursuit Photoshoot and stayed out of suit until then, exploring the Dealer's Den and Art Show. I ended up making a bid on a beautiful piece by tanidareal, which I ended up winning. It's two wolves in a nice pose against a beautiful backdrop. I will have a picture of it soon. Suited up for my turn in the photoshoot and it was awesome! Thalian and crew did an amazing job and I really can't wait to see the photos come out. After that we went to the Intro to Second Life panel because as a suiter with a suit based on a Luskwood avatar, I was more or less ordered to attend :P. After that, we had dinner and chilled a bit until the Fursuit Dance that night. I loved dancing in suit, but it really is no joke how hot one can get. Kenai did a pretty decent job as DJ though. Had a few of the Hairless Master's special White Russians before straggling off to bed around 3am. This was also Sarah's birthday, but the evening kind of got ruined because we let Cebris borrow the key to the room to go change and we never got it back until around midnight. Instead of having a nice time with Sarah, we had to try to track him down to get our key back.

Friday 8/29

Had to run into town to get some extra Euro thanks to some trip expenses. We barely got back to the hotel in time for the Super Smash Brothers tournament when I couldn't find my Classic controller, which is the one I'm used to playing with. I went to the tournament and wound up using the gamecube contoller. I had a hard time choosing which character between Sonic and Kirby that I was going to use, but I ended up with Sonic. The rules were no items and 3 minute KO Fest on a random stage. The stage we got was Yoshi's Island, which is one I actually kind of like now. I was doing alright at first scoring a double kill with an impressive kick from Sonic then I  flipped the blocks on the bottom and when the player respawned, he fell to his death again. However, he caught on to me and I wound up losing in the first round in sudden death. I still blame the GC controller :P. After the tournament, we went to have some lunch, had a couple hours in the fursuit during the intro to acting and fursuit care panel, which was very fun and informative to me. After the panel, all the suiters there gathered for photos and Loko and I ended up at the bottom of a pretty decent furpile :P. Went upstairs and relaxed a bit until my personal highlight of my time at EF, Kage vs. 2, The Ranting Gryphon. I only had one 90 minute tape left for my camcorder, so I didn't get to tape Uncle Kage's storytelling, but I did get all of Jibba's act, all of 2's and part of Kage vs. 2, which ended up in a riot and a shirtless Kage!

Saturday 8/30

This was a pretty slow day during the day. We picked up our piece from the art show and got another one in the dealers den that Sarah really liked. After that was the fursuit parade, but of course, a lot of photography before.  I was having Sarah videotape it, but having not used my camcorder much, she figured it was like my camera and tilted it like she was taking vertical pictures, so the whole video is sideways. If I can use some sort of software to edit the affected frames, I will and post that video to Youtube. The parade went great and I ended up in a great spot in the group photo right behind Kage, holding him hostage. It happened to of course be the hottest day of the con, but it was still a great parade. We chilled in the lobby for a while until Fetish Zone's room party, where I placed my order for a really nice harness for my suit. After that, I fulfilled my promise and Loko's wish for a nice long snuggle between the two of us. We thought about going to the Pawpet Show, but instead decided to watch it on TV while our fursuits dried in the headless lounge. It was a good thing because the show was incredibly long and we both fell asleep about halfway through. Woke up just in time to get suited up for the Big Blue Dance, which was a blast, but for anyone who might go to this dance in the future, it's suicide to do it in suit. The dance was open-ended. BBF started at around 11pm and his last song ended at around 7:20 AM. I really wonder what kept him going for so long. We went to bed around 5:30 AM

Sunday 8/31

Ahhhh the last day...I woke up feeling a bit mopey, knowing it was the last day. We got downstairs and I went to the group photo. (http://www.fotoschmied.de/foren/eurofurence/ef14-group.jpg I'm near the bottom right, next to 2.). I spent some time in the lobby wishing those that were leaving their safe travels when Loko found me and told me about the fursuit outing to the town center at 16.00. I ended up going, but have no pictures of that one as they were unable to fit Sarah so she could photograph. The outing was great, but by the time we got back to the hotel, I had to bolt to the headless lounge to get out of my sweaty suit so it could dry off in time for the Dead Dog Party. Spent the rest of the time talking to people and eating dinner. Suit was dry just in time for the party, and I really enjoyed bowling with my fellow suiters. Went to bed around 3 AM after saying a final goodbye to Loko.

Monday 9/1

We woke up around 8:30 to, you guessed it, a downpour. I was thankful the weather was pleasant all the days before though. Got everything packed up and in the car and left Suhl around 10:30am. Sarah's stomach was acting up so we had more frequent rest stops, and I was amazed that my car made it from Suhl to Innsbruck, Austria with a full tank. Of course, being on the Authobahn all that time really helped things. We ended up getting home close to 21.00 where I got online and checked in with folks I promised to and commenced to uploading all the pictures. I had a fun time getting the computer to recognize my camcorder though, but got my videos on the computer. All I need to do now is split some of them for Youtube.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the staff of both Eurofurence and the Ringberg Hotel. They made my first convention experience more than I could have EVER hoped for. If someday I get the chance to return to Eurofurence, I will defenitely take it!

However, both Sarah and I are left with the most wonderful souvenir of all...Con Crud :P

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